John Edmund Rose, Jr.

In A Nutshell

I'm the creator of the niche social networking site, OtakuBooty. We've been profitably operating since 2004.

I'm a software developer with over fifteen years of professional experience. I have strong additional skills in online community development, having played a large role in creating the family-like community we enjoy at OtakuBooty.

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Hire Me?

As of late 2015, I am happily employed at Power Home Remodeling Group (come work for us!) and I'm not looking for full-time employment opportunities. If you have another project in mind, I may be able to help you. And if I can't help you can I point you in the right direction, in terms of technology and people.

I'm a software engineer first and foremost, but I also pride myself on my ability to connect with people - both those on my team and those in my communities.


Writers and blogs.
Hmmm, I should probably update this for 2015...

Books. K&R's The C Programming Language will always be the greatest programmer's book of all time. Software development: Coders At Work, and Code Complete. Productivity: Getting Things Done and The Pomodoro Technique. Next: The Pragmatic Programmer and Grid Systems (Elam).

And I can't help but feel that The Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy and countless childhood issues of MAD Magazine have some influence on all I do.

Me On The Web

  • It would be accurate to call this my baby. Nine years and 22,000+ members.
  • Me on LinkedIn. View my professional network, read my recommendations.
  • Here's me on Github. Only a few projects are visible ‐ unfortunately, a lot of my Github usage involves private repos for my employers.
  • Me on Stack Overflow. I've answered and asked a number of questions here. Get a feel for how I think, write, and solve.
  • Me on Flickr. Photography is a hobby.

Who Is John Booty?

“John Booty” is an online nom de plume. The moniker's origin. There were a lot of people named John in my school and therefore nicknames were useful.


Unix and C were created on systems with less processing power than your mobile phone and the Hubble Space Telescope is controlled by a 486. Gadgets and apps don't make great software; people do. So I try not to get too fixated on tools.

Currently I'm a full-stack Rails developer. I like OSX a lot but I'm not married to it. Windows and Ubuntu are fine too. I write code in Sublime Text these days; I liked Microsoft Visual Studio a lot too.

Ruby and C# are my favorite languages. If I build you a website, I'm likely to use Sinatra, NancyFX, or Rails. As for hardware, I swear by solid-state disks and I like to use the biggest monitor I can afford - less scrolling, more coding.

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Ceaseless Yammering

JohnEdmundRose on Twitter, unsurprisingly.